SMT (Surface Mounted Technology)

the primary technology in modern electronics manufacturing

P&R Gerätetechnik GmbH offers one- and two-sided mounting through SMD pick and place machines using reflow and adhesive technology. Therefore we process all sizes of printed circuit boards and component designs that meet the technological standards of today’s market. Our automatic processes are provided by solder paste inspection (SPI), 3D automated optical inspection (AOI), and x-ray. We are an EMS (electro manufacturing services) provider, up-to-date and reliable – challenge us.

THT (Through-Hole Technology)

conventional production with wired components

P&R Gerätetechnik GmbH processes conventional components alone or in a mixed assembly with SMD. Component preparation, assembly on semi-automated assembly tables, mounting and press-fit technology are part of our production. With the help of a wide variety of soldering processes (such as wave soldering, selective and manual soldering), we can realize reliable processing with diverse combinations of components. Optical inspections (AOI) and x-rays are supporting our production. We offer EMS services, a combination of miniaturization and power electronics – challenge us.